Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Big Foot On Mars!

This has stirred a lot of controversy and press. No surprise as it combines two great mysteries: "Is there life on Mars?" and "Does BigFoot exist?". To that I'd add a third question: "If yes, how the f*** did he get to Mars?". Simulacrum mysteries are almost as old as the Internet, but this one is a lot of fun, mainly down to the hi-resolution of the pictures. Have a look for yourself and judge...

Turn's Holy Water theft blamed on Satanists

Luciferic sources have bagged some of the holiest water out there. A source at Turin police said a special team of carabinieri military police are investigating the break-in, and that the "most likely explanation" was that "the items were stolen to be used in a rite of black magic".

Sunday, 13 January 2008

2012. Ancient records foretell the end of the world

The 2012 "meme" is getting everywhere. I knew it before it was famous!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Area 51 Get A New Name

Pilots avert your eyes! The airport identifier and location of Nevada’s Groom Lake—you know, where they keep the space aliens at Area 51—has been appearing in flight-planning software and on handheld GPS receivers for most of the past year as KXTA (standing for what, extraterrestrial?).

Thursday, 3 January 2008

2012 2012 2012

The Daily Grail has a great summary of the relevance of 2012 and why you should care. Link.

• December 21 - End of the great cycle of the Maya calendar's Long Count and a 26,000 year planetary cycle in the Aztec calendar, and thus the alleged end of our world (the end of the cycle is dated December 22 or December 23 by some calculations).
• According to the 1997 book The Bible Code the world will end due to a collision with a meteor, asteroid or comet.
• Interpreted by Millennialism as a time when there will be an evolutionary change in human consciousness brought about by a series of world changing events or revelations. Following this period of upheaval they believe we will begin a new 1,000 year cycle in which peace, enlightenment and our environmental movement take priority.
• The Olduvai cliff will begin and permanent blackouts will occur worldwide, according to "The Peak of World Oil Production and the Road To The Olduvai Gorge" by Richard C. Duncan.
• Terence McKenna's Novelty Theory claims that time is a fractal wave of increasing novelty that ends abruptly in 2012.
• Tibetan Monks specialising in remote viewing predict that divine extra-terrestrials will intervene at a point where the world's governments are about to deploy weapons of mass destruction. Adding to this, the Tibetan Monks say that the world is not ready to be destroyed and that our Earth is blessed and being saved continuously from all kinds of hazards that Mankind is not even aware of.