Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Mysterious Case of the Man Who Lost His Memory Stick

Lots of very weird stuff happening at the moment. I received an email today from a woman called Lisa who found a memory stick on a New York subway almost two months ago. The memory stick appears to have been the property of one Darius Lockwood, investigative journalist and expert chronicler of all things underground.

On her blog trying to find track down the owner of the memory stick, Lisa has uploaded a few of the images. Suffice to say there is some pretty startling stuff on there. It seems Mr Lockwood (or whoever the stick belongs to) was exploring much of the same kind of thing that’s been fascinating me for so long. Check out the Conspiracy Mindmap here. It’s all there: Albert Pike, Augustin Barruel, Pierre-AndrĂ© Taguieff, Robert Amberlain, and the Weavers are all over the place.

Also, looks like he was researching Gnosticism for an article and was naturally drawn towards The Knights Templar, the Cathars and, of course, The Weavers. This is from a diary entry found on the stick here:

(not that I condone publishing private info on the web, but she's saying the owner might google phrases from it to find the drive.)

‘Different historical periods who also required a different implementation of Gnosticism. During the Manichean and Cathar Gnostic movements, it was all about purity of conduct and integrity. In 2nd and 3rd century Alexandria, it was all about individualism. And today? In the age of saturation and ennui, maybe it’s all about tearing down the palace walls and setting fires to wake people up?’


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