Saturday, 22 March 2008

Now I'm Getting Really Paranoid

It's been said before. I am paranoid. That's what gives me my edge. In this day and age, paranoia is a talent. You need it. But this has really freaked me out. Last Thursday, I ordered a book on the Cathar-Weavers, Loom Of Destiny by Jean Sebastian Kaici from Amazon. I'm continuing my work on The Weavers. This is a leading title, the reviews say. I want to read it. Week later, all my other books have arrived bar that one. I get an email from Amazon saying sorry it's out of stock. Fair enough, I'll buy from another source, a second-hand place. I go to the page on Amazon. It's gone. I do a google search. It's not appearing. I know I'm not going mad because I took a screenshot of the page on Amazon when I ordered it so I could use the cover image on my blog. I email Amazon. They don't reply. I look at my order history. Sure enough Loom Of Destiny is in the original order. But everywhere else, on Amazon, on teh internet, everywhere, that book has ceased to exist!!! Tell me I'm doing something wrong. Or I've missed something. But in the space of a week that book has vanished.

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Anonymous said...

could it be because a book called THE LOOM OF DESTINY (Hardcover)
by Arthur Stringer is out there.

Maybe they had to revise the title?